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Your home is a major investment and it is advisable to keep it protected and preserved. We not only paint your home for aesthetic purposes, we use top quality products that are applied to proper mil thickness with water proofing that are all designed to provide a long lasting, protective paint job for years to come. We are committed to quality as well as to provide you with a comfortable experience throughout the entire process. 

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Prep Work!

Prep- work is the key to Ski Home Improvements providing you the best service possible. It is the foundation of a long-lasting paint job. Without the adequate amount of prep- work you can count on repainting your home or business sooner. Half the time we spend working on your home is in preparing it to be painted, through scraping, priming, and caulking. 

Bring out your personality by updating your homes' paint! A new paint job is an affordable way to upgrade to your homes’ curb appeal, value, and cleanliness. Giving your walls or exterior an update with high-quality paint and proper preparation is an easy way to keep your home clean and protected for years to come. Just by painting, you can make your home feel bigger, brighter, and more vibrant. Customizing your homes’ paint job can turn any home into your dream home.

Maintaining your homes paint can be both beneficial and a hassle. At times it can be a little overwhelming. You have to pay for paints, find a suitable painter, make sure they have the right color, monitor that they are doing their job properly, and keep a routine for getting it all done. But finding the right painter and getting help over these obstacles do not have to be a problem. If you find a good painter everything else can be a breeze. While all of this sounds like a pain, A well maintained paint job can prevent some damages such as weather damage, water damage, and insects that may be damaging to the home. It also can make the home look aesthetically pleasing, gives a house character, and can give a homeowner confidence.

What will it cost to have my home painted?